Wholesale T-Shirts

We offer wholesale pricing to other retail businesses. We can do designs you already have or we can make custom designs for you. We have a minimum of 10 items per design. Pricing largely depends on the cost of the apparel. The cheaper the shirt is, the cheaper your cost will be. For example, if the shirt cost is $2.32 and we charge $8 for our screen printing fee, your cost would be $10.32 total for each shirt. We pass along our additional cost for larger sizes to your cost (2xl, 3xl) which us usually $1-2. 

Pricing Factors

  • The amount of items you order. The larger number of items you order, the better pricing we can offer you. 

  • The number of colors in your design. For each color in a design, we have to make an additional screen to make the item. This adds time to production and therefore, additional cost to you. 

Other Wholesale Products

We also offer wholesale pricing for our other products we offer when purchased in bulk. Our other products include macrame or faux leather earrings, ceramic coffee mugs or stainless steel tumblers, wood signs, canvas totes, and hats. We offer 50% of retail cost for our wholesale products and have a minimum order amount of 10 per item and design. We are expanding our offerings everyday so please contact us for any special request items you are seeking.