Custom Stove Top Covers Noodle Board

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You will love our Stove Top Covers!

We all hate when you are getting something hot out of the microwave and you get whatever all over the stovetop. What a mess, especially on those gas stovetops. What a mess! Those grates are the worst to clean! An easy fix to keep our stovetops safe from spills is a Stove Top Cover. 

Our Stove Top Covers are made with the following:

    • one solid piece of pine wood on the bottom
    • two 1x4s select pine boards on the left and right edge 
    • contemporary farmhouse handles
    • 21.5 x 28.5 (please contact us when you order for a different size

The only cost difference for our stovetop covers is the handles. Some handles cost as much as $10 each. We have included a budget-friendly set of handles in our pricing but a different set can be upgraded at our cost. 

Create a custom graphic design!

Being custom from Chic Loco Designs means so much more than picking out stain colors and design colors. We have a couple of design options to choose from but the designs are really endless because we will create a custom design for you! At Chic Loco Designs, we will work with you to get exactly the design you were looking seeking. Not 100% what will look good, we can create a mockup to show you exactly what your stovetop cover will look like. 

Great gift idea for women!

The gift possibilities are endless for our stovetop covers as well!

    • Mother's Day gift

    • Birthday gift

    • Housewarming gift

    • New home gift

    • Realtor gift

    • Wedding gift

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