We fundraise for you!

We would love to help you with your next fundraiser! We can list the products (shirts, sweatshirts, cups, masks, bags) on our website and take orders that way. We then share our profit with you to help you raise money. We have done fundraisers for families that have lost a loved one and individuals fighting cancer. Our fundraisers would be perfect option for new nonprofit or a charity that needs upfront capital to achieve their goals. 

Perfect for a nonprofit or charity!

For example, if the shirt cost is $2.32 and we charge $8 for our screen printing fee, your total cost would be $10.32 total for each shirt. Very similar to our wholesale pricing, you then charge in additional to this to come up with the profit you would like to make per item. Say you would like to profit $8 per item, you then add that to our total making the total cost of each item $18.32. To keep things as cost effective as possible, we ask that fundraisers make their designs one color only. We pass along our additional cost for larger sizes to your cost (2xl, 3xl) which us usually $1-2. Please feel free to contact us for additional questions at

Pricing Factors

  • The number of colors in your design. For each color in a design, we have to make an additional screen to make the item. This adds time to production and therefore, additional cost to you. 

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